About us

Why Us? Everyday, what makes us happy is to reach out to audiences and share what you do with more and more potential clients. Together, we can change lives for the better by convincing people that adventures large and small have positive impacts on all of us, we love being happy.

We are a specialist consultancy, dedicated to improving the marketing performance and increasing the revenue streams of adventure sport provider businesses. We analyse, prepare, recommend, install and train, so you can get on with operating your business.

Our offering is based around four different annual pricing structures tailored to both your needs and budget. Therefore, our service is accessible to all regardless of size, location, competition, offering or years of operation. This gives you all year round access to sales and marketing professionals who share your passion for the wilderness and adventure. We are dedicated to helping you to improve your business’s sales performance and increase your revenue streams.

If you’re planning to expand, invest in new equipment, understand your customers more, want to change but can only work out half of what you need to do or have decided it’s time for a root and branch rebrand, marketingadventure.co.uk can support you on your journey and help you achieve your ambitions.

With over three decades of sales and marketing experience, working for global media companies, engineering giants and niche product providers in highly competitive markets, we have developed an innovative skill set that we are able to share with you and your team, so that your sales performance is constantly improving alongside your operational excellence. We speak your language and understand the business of adventure sports as we are coaches too.

Today, marketingadventure.co.uk are the only performance driven sales and marketing consultancy in the UK dedicated to adventure sport providers. Your business is unique and so are the challenges you face and the solutions we deliver.